Our Mission

- Connect, Collaborate, Create -

SCEE aims to build a diverse community of student innovators and creative problem solvers. We encourage students, through our engaging events and workshops, to have unique insights on social and technical problems our society is facing today. We believe that innovation is the only way forward.

Our Team

  • Sarah Baghdadi


    Sarah Baghdadi is a second year majoring in Business Management Economics. She is working on her own fashion startup collaborating with artists of marginalized communities to create clothing items that are cheap, sustainable, and ethical. Her startup Incite! wants to wreak havoc on the traditional fast fashion world by introducing ethicality and sustainability while paying artists well for their creations and allowing them to express their activist agenda and their culture. She’s also passionate about saving the environment and improving human lives through science.

  • Alyssa House

    Tech & Operations

    So much of our days and lives are spent rushing, performing mundane tasks, and feeling unfulfilled. I fell into the entrepreneurship community and found so many awesome people living the exact opposite. People are sacrificing financial stability, time that would otherwise be spent on family, friends, and hobbies, and -- at times -- sanity making their dreams a reality. And they feel fulfilled. This draws other people to them. In Santa Cruz today, we have so many awesome people in the entrepreneurship community. Some are makers, some are donors, some are societal and environmental protectors, but all are purposely making positive waves in their communities and the world at large. I am one person in this community. I like working with computer systems design on the application level -- in easier terms, I like finding a problem that can be solved with software and breaking this problem into smaller problems that are easier to manage.

  • Kyle Worcester-Moore

    Tech Lead

    Kyle Worcester-Moore is an undergraduate at the University of California Santa Cruz studying Computer Science: Game Design & Sustainability. He is passionate about using technology to make the world a better place. He's always exited to learn new things and apply what He's learned to real-world problems, that's what brought him to the SCEE community.

  • Octavio E. Anino Barber

    Events Coordinator

    Profile: UCSC class of 2022 Computer Science Major Interested in business activities, specially entrepreneurship. I strive to provide fellow students with whatever resources they need to further their entrepreneurial lives. To this end, I have joined SCEE, and look forward to organizing - and participating in - as many events as possible. About me: I was born in Argentina, lived there, in Mexico, and the US. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and would like to learn more languages. I enjoy movies, music, playing the guitar, and going on hikes. As far as sports go, I am interested in soccer and swimming.

  • Andy Gordon


    Andy is a Computer Science Major and Electronic Music Minor in the UCSC Class of 2021. His interests lay in music production, music technology, software development, and the intersection of these fields with business strategy and marketing.

  • Max Landesz

    Co-Lead of Marketing

    Max is a UCSC undergraduate student currently studying Economics. He is expected to graduate in June 2022. He is interested in entrepreneurial pursuits and his goal after college is to start his own FinTech startup after gaining experience in the technology or financial services sector. He is currently initializing and executing the SCEE marketing strategy.

  • Daryoush Ghoreishi

    Director of Finance

    Daryoush Ghoreishi is currently an undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz studying Computer Science. His passions for finance stem from his interest in the acquisition, management, and usage of cash money. He strongly believes in the value of financial literacy as a vehicle towards improving one's life. Early on in life he developed a strong interest in trading and investing in the stock market after playing Grand Theft Auto V throughout the night at a friends house. His passions for entrepreneurship stem from his life goal to found his own startup one day. Major notable life achievements include but are not limited to running an unsuccessful Minecraft server, getting into college, and creating a cookie clicker clone in Unity3d.

  • Giselle Rangel

    Marketing & Communications

  • Brandon Mee-Lee


  • Jordan Sachs-Amrami


  • Anagha Vijay


Past Members

  • Bobby Missirian


    Bobby a Computer Science major who enjoys entrepreneurship, music, and surfing. He is currently working on revolutionizing metrics for real-world advertisements in his startup called Kahzum. After developing his advertising idea in a rarely offered class, Crown 90 Entrepreneurship Academy, Bobby is inspired to further facilitate entrepreneurship on campus.

  • Aaron Huang


    Aaron is a UCSC undergraduate student studying Business Management Economics (BME) and Technology Information Management (TIM). He has a tremendous amount of passion in entrepreneurship, ethics, and technology. Motivated by using innovative methods to better human condition, Aaron was involved in multiple non-profit organizations. He’s currently working on his own startup - “The Glove” which aims to develop hardware and software to elevate human-robotics integration through augmented reality.

  • Brandon In

    VP Engineering

    Brandon is a UCSC undergraduate who is studying Computer Science(CS) and Technology Information Management(TIM). He has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and is heavily interested in both Big Data and E-commerce. Brandon was involved in 2 startups, Wuddle and OnDelivery. Currently, Brandon is working on another startup: ArcTik - which allows business to consumer advertising and event hosting.

  • Naman Sudan

    Director of Operations

    Naman is an enthusiastic and driven international undergraduate student from India double majoring in Technology Information Management and Business Economics at UC Santa Cruz. He is one of the founding members of the student organisation. As director of operations, he is responsible for optimising the efficiency of each department and facilitating workability at SCEE. Naman resonates with, "When I am being myself, nothing more and nothing less – when I am doing exactly what I am doing – when I am allowing what is so around me to be exactly like it is – when I am being right here instead of where I am going – when I am observing it all just as it is without adding any judgments or evaluations or comparing it, then I observe that it is perfect. (For right now, – not that it should stay that way.) A thing is perfect when it is the way it is – when it is itself."

  • Pablo Robles

    Speaker Coordinator

    Pablo Robles is an undergraduate Music Major at UCSC. He is very passionate about music and has been developing his business, Getting out of the Garage which connects local artists and musicians to different communities around California, for six years. He is now helping develop an entrepreneurial community at University of California Santa Cruz by connecting successful entrepreneurs with a platform to help student develop their own start ups.

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