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  • UCSC's Slug Tank Winners and Results

    Slug Tank Winners and SCEE Team

    Slug Tank is UC Santa Cruz’s very own student business pitching contest. Sponsored by CIED (Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development), the event attracted 10 innovative teams competing to win a grand prize of $3000 to kickstart their venture. Additionally, Slug Tank invited 5 industry titans - Toby Corey, Chrissy Meyer, Monica Gutierrez-Lopez, Drew Meyer, and Doug Erickson - as judges. Sponsor organizations included Looker, Santa Cruz Works, Head Heart & Hands, and Big Ideas Contest were also present for recruiting and networking with students.

  • Big Ideas

    Big Ideas Icon

    The Big Ideas contest is upon us! The UC wide competition aims to ignite entrepreneurs across all UC campuses. Apply by November 16!!

  • Slug Tank

    Merrill Cultural Center

    On October 24th, we will be hosting our first main event, Slug Tank. Drop by and see everything that Slug Tank has to offer. Feel free to explore start up alley, listen in on our great cast of Slug Tank participants and their great ideas, and indulge in the free food

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